Drug Free, Non-Invasive and Surgery Free Effective Treatment

GAINSWave is an innovative drug free, non-invasive, and surgery free treatment that uses pulsed acoustical waves, providing a breakthrough solution for men wanting better erections ad optimal sexual performance. When GAINSWave is applied to the penis, it breaks up the micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Improved blood flow helps any man, not only those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections. GAINSWave is a scientifically proven therapy providing a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance. GAINSWave is an FDA cleared class 1 medical device approved for improved blood flow.

Any man looking to improve their erectile quality and obtain optimal sexual performance can benefit from GAINSWave treatments.

The Procedure

GAINSWave therapy is a series of in-office treatments that are completely non-invasive, drug free and surgery free. Your Certified GAINSWave provider will go over your symptoms and recommend the right program for you. Treatments usually take about 15 to 20 minutes, there are little to no side effects, and no downtime. Men typically experience the full benefits after about 6 to 12 treatments, but many men have experienced improvements after their first few procedures. Research shows that the benefits can last up to 2 years.

The GAINSWave Benefits:
  • Erectile Dysfunction Relief

    Over 50% of men will have some degree of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime, which is usually caused by lack of blood flow. GAINSWave therapy opens your existing blood vessels while creating new blood vessels in the penis which will increase the blood flow creating stronger and longer lasting erections.

  • Peyronie’s Disease Relief

    Peyronie’s Disease is becoming an increasing problem with 5% to 10% of men suffering from this condition. Scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis resulting in the penis to curve and painful erections. Most men develop ED as the body’s natural defense against the pain of this condition. GAINSWave can break down the scarred tissue and combat all aspects of Peyronie’s Disease allowing for a straighter, healthier, and pain free erection.

  • Sexual Performance

    Men over 30 often notice a decrease in their sexual performance. If you don’t have ED, but want to improve your sexual performance, GAINSWave could be for you too. GAINSWave can give you stronger erections, increase sensitivity, decrease recovery time between orgasms, and boost your confidence in the bedroom.

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