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Vitally Detoxifying System and Immunity Optimization

Our 7-day detox cleanse is a gentle, easy and healthy way to reset your body or prep for any weight loss or food elimination diet. Our Vital4Life program supports the process of metabolic detoxification by slowly helping to cleanse your body of food intolerances, intestinal and colonic blockages, hard to digest foods and toxins. Many of the toxins that are in the environment today did not exist 30 years ago. These new toxins include pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals that can enter the body through food, water, and air supplies. These toxins often become trapped in our organs and tissues, which over time negatively impact our health, vitality, and overall wellness.

Our Vitally Detoxifying Program

is doctor-supervised, simple to complete, effective in outcome, and 100% safe. By supporting the body’s natural two-phase process of detoxification, toxins can safely and effectively be cleansed from the body.

Our Vitally Detoxifying Program

helps reduce toxic burden and supports phase I and II liver detoxification function. Our restorative strategic system is designed to safely enhance and promote the primary pathways of detoxification in the liver. Our detox program includes diet, lifestyle and nutrition guidance under the supervision of a medical doctor and nutritionist. Complete with an in-depth Patient Program Guidebook, our comprehensive program is designed to reduce the incoming burden of toxins and restore optimal health.

Vitally Detoxifying 7-day detox program includes:
  • Alpha Base Capsules
  • Phyto Core Capsules
  • Core Restore Powder
  • Compact Hand Mixer
  • Detailed Instruction Booklet
Vitally Detoxifying to boost your immunity

Detoxification is a continuous physiologic process that your body depends on for survival. Our unique cleanse program is designed to help keep your body’s toxic burden low, your detox mechanisms working and your immune system optimized for the long haul.

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