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Our comprehensive, individualized, scientific approach to weight loss

The path to healthy weight loss is based on the concept that you must be healthy to lose weight, you don’t lose weight to be healthy. The Vitality Station™ approach to weight loss focuses on specialized diagnostic testing to identify any underlying causes of weight gain that are often ignored at the expense of dropping pounds in the short term.

In addition to a full performance blood panel assessment, you will have a comprehensive consultation with one of our doctors to identify the root cause(s) of any symptoms you may be experiencing. Our goal is to recognize deficiencies and imbalances in your system before you do. Our medical experts will prescribe your unique VitalityID™, a personalized treatment plan, to help restore optimal health and balance to achieve your wellness and weight loss goals.

Vitally Transformed™ one-on-one weight loss and nutrition support will be provided by our Wellness Coach. An initial consultation will provide guidance and education on specialized testing, nutrition, exercise and wellness therapies based on your personalized treatment plan and goals. You will have continued wellness coaching with weekly face to face meetings to support you throughout your weight loss journey.

Our comprehensive three stage 90-day medical weight loss program includes:
  • Vitality Blood Panel Test

    Vitality Blood Panel Analysis A state-of-the-art diagnostic test that measures vital aspects of your health, assessing function and efficiency to help us determine the root cause of any issues or symptoms, and the best course of treatment. Our comprehensive testing measures over 40 biomarkers including cardiovascular, hormonal, metabolic, thyroid, cholesterol, liver, kidney, inflammation, nutrients, adrenals, bone, reproductive health and tumor markers.

  • VitalityID™

    Your unique VitalityID™ report, personal wellness protocol and monitoring schedule will identify the specific and customized treatments and follow up plan recommended to help you reach your health, wellness and anti-aging goals.

  • Physician Consultation

    A comprehensive consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your medical history and lifestyle in depth, perform a physical exam, review your testing, discuss treatment options and answer your questions.

  • Nutritional and Fitness Counseling

    Weekly Monitoring and Coaching to Ensure Success

  • Weekly InBody Composition Test

    Know your body composition in less than 30 seconds. The InBody Test measures your body’s balance of muscle, water and fat with precision to give you an accurate picture of your overall health.

  • Special Add-ons
    Vitally Skinny™
    • Price (discount pricing for Vitally Transformed members): $149
    • Run time: 45 to 60 minutes
    • Specialized formula that supports your slimming efforts by helping you burn fat for energy, flush away toxins, and regulate cholesterol.
    HCG Injection Therapy
    • 6 weeks protocol or 10 weeks protocol (Includes all syringes)
    • Price (discount price for Vitally Transformed members): $299 or $499

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